Housing building in Studentski gradCompany Construction- Sole LTD was founded in the year of 1991 and its main object of activity is building, manufacturing and civil construction. Today there are employed 100 construction workers, 15 technical entities and experts in it. The company has at its disposal own manufacturing base and it is continuously being improved: own auto transportation, stock, fixture yard and everything necessary for construction and that in itself is a guarantee for keeping up with the agreed timeperiod for construction. Technological time necessary for the construction of one building constitutes of two, two-and-a-half years.

Housing building in Studentski grad, next to concert hall Hristo BotevQuality of materials
All housing buildings of company Construction- Sole LTD are designed and constructed with the traditional Bulgarian red brick over which in biding is put external heat- and noise isolation of the best of materials. The objects of the corporation are supplied with central heating system or gasification. The aluminium joinery work of the buildings is own-made with disconnected thermo bridge so that there is no condensation, and the glass work depends on the clients wish as the most preferred one is the triple glass work that guarantees the perfect sound and thermal isolation. In its buildings Construction- Sole LTD in binding puts installations for telephones, cable TV and internet.

A complex of one-family houses in the housing neighborhood Manastirski livadi  Iztok Common parts
Construction- Sole LTD delivers the buildings to the new owners with thoroughly finished common parts. The corporation executes only luxurious additional final-touch work. There are used marble and granite grease, made hanging ceilings with original lightning resolutions for the staircases.

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